Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Upcycled Sewing Jars

Another addition to our range of stock are these Upcycled Sewing Jars.
These upcycled jars are ideal for storage of a small starter sewing kit, or travel sewing kit.  Our range of jars have an incorporated pin cushion with plenty of storage for the included spools of cotton. Also included are some pins to help you fashion your garments!
We have really built on the natural beauty of the classic glass jar. A very aesthetically pleasing design, they have been decorated to add a nautical element and a small patch of kitsch fabric adorns the pin cushion. 
When ordering please state your preference for pin cushion fabric. We have a quality small gingham blue check or classic rose print. We can do a range of design for the jars, single block colours in Blue, Black and White or a striped design of Blue and White. They also come as a regular size, or you can choose the larger variation for the dedicated makers out there.
Please note that the style of jar may differ to that pictured.
With these jars you really can make do and mend!
These can both be purchased from our Etsy Shop

Saturday, 18 May 2013

New Tattoo Inspired Illustrations Available

Hello Everyone!

Following a lot of research and drawing I am now pleased to announce that a selection of original illustrations have gone onto my Etsy store here http://www.etsy.com/shop/HoldFastCoBrighton. All the illustrations that you can find there are inspired by current and traditional tattoo flash designs.

Each design is hand drawn to order (not a print!) using techniques commonly used on tattoo flash sheets. Lovingly drawn on a high quality paper these traditional flash illustrations would look brilliant in a contemporary home with clean crisp walls or in a traditionally styled household.

My illustrations will come unframed in a protective wallet but ,as they are all A4 in size, it will be straightforward to get them mounted in a frame size of your choice. Alternatively we can source a frame for your print if you wish. Just let us know!

All images can be stained for that traditional, tattoo shop look or left white if that is what you would prefer. Just let me know and I will cater for your needs!

I hope you like what you see but if you have a particular design that you like then please get in touch via holdfastco@hotmail.co.uk. I'm constantly working on and searching for new designs and believe me, there's a lot to get through!
Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Hold Fast Co.


Friday, 19 April 2013

Vintage Bedroom/Nursing Chair

Here for sale is a fully restored Bedroom/Nursing chair that has real age. Probably made around the 1930s/1940s this Oak chair is solid and in great condition for its age.

The first thing you notice about the chair, other than its dinky proportions, is the unusual snowflake style back support. This is superbly crafted and is a sign of the level of craftsmanship that went into the making of the chair. A shape like this would be time consuming to make today with modern electric tools, imagine what it was like to cut with hand tools!

The frame of the chair has a lovely bent one piece back and armrest. There has been a repair made to this (as can be seen in the pictures) however this has in no way affected the strength or support offered. There are a number of subtle features on the chair that reinforce the fact that this was more than a generic mass produced item. The lines are very stylish and very functional.
With a new reupholstered seat sponge, using a blue Gingham flannel cloth, this chair has lots of style and really stands out in a room.

The chair was probably made to be a nursing chair and would’ve been kept next to a baby’s cot, giving it a history that goes deeper than just its age. You could still use the chair in this way or in any other room in the house for that matter! It is incredibly comfy!

Whether being put in a modern apartment or a vintage cottage, this chair will fit in and be a fully functioning and much loved item of furniture.

Price: £85

Measurements: Height: 72 cms/28.3 Inches. Width: 53 cms/20.9 Inches. Depth: 60 cms/23.6 Inches.


Delivery by myself is offered if you live around the Brighton area or Collection in Person is also offered.

Courier costs are estimately £20 so please contact me in order to get a courier arranged upon purchase of the item.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Atomic Coat Rack


This instantly recognisable coat rack is a truly iconic design statement that would fit into any home. Known as The Cocktail Cherry, this design had a mass appeal and people bought it in huge numbers. Reproductions are still being produced today, however this is an original in great condition.

These racks were common place in UK homes in the 50s and 60s as people were hungry for modern design. Inspired by models of atoms and molecules, this coat rack reflected the widespread fascination for science and what science could do for the new society.

The coat rack is in great condition but does show signs of use. The wooden balls show wear as would be expected of an original piece. The wire frame is clean and tidy, making it ideal for use in a modern contemporary home or a retro hallway.

Price: £28.00

Measurments: Length: 48 cms / 18.9 inches. Height: 20 cms / 7.9 inches. Depth: 6 cms / 2.4 inches.


UK: £3.00

EU: £4.85

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Atomic Magazine/Record Rack


Instantly recognisable as an extension of the Atomic designs of the 50s and 60s, these magazine/record racks were a common sight in homes seeking modern design. Inspired by models of atoms and molecules this rack reflected a widespread fascination of modern developments in science and how that could influence modern society.

This magazine/record rack is in superb condition and show very minor signs of wear. The paint is original and in very good condition with minimum chips and rub. The wooden ball feet show a small amount of wear which can only be expected of an original piece. The wire frame is straight and tidy making it ideal for daily use for either magazines or your vinyl...should you be a connoisseur!

Measurements: Height: 40 cms/15.7 inches. Width: 29 cms/11.4 inches. Depth:16 cms/6.3 inches.

Price: £30.00


UK: £3.00

EU: £6.45

Shop now open!

Hello all!

After many hours of head scratching my Etsy store is now open for business! Please feel free to come in and browse (from the comfort of your own home!)

I have done my best to provide quality images of each item supported by an in depth description. This should help you when searching but if you would like more information then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hold Fast Ltd

Friday, 12 April 2013

3 x Palissy Red Regatta Saucers c.1958


These kitsch saucers are in the much-collected pattern of 'Red Regatta' which is a real celebration of summer and the seaside. The pattern is in white with a motif of a yacht with a red sail, as well as some tiny seagulls to the opposite side of the saucer.

Made some time around the end of the 50's into the start of the 60's, Palissy Pottery Ltd. was bought by the Worcester Royal Porcelain Company in 1958.

The saucers are in great condition with the decoration showing no signs of wear. One saucer has a small chip to the underside rim, however this does not show from the front.

Would look great displayed on a sideboard, hung on the wall, or paired up with a vintage teacup for a retro cream tea!
Price: £12.00

Saucer Diameter: 14 cms / 5.5 inches
UK: £3.00
EU: £6.40